GZT Online Training Program GraphicThe Online Futures Training Program is a universal online training program and active Live Market Trade Room.

$197 Monthly

GZT Barometer SuiteThe BAROMETER is the ultimate system add-on predicting future price bars volume, range, and volatility. It also forecasts multiple timeframe directions while exploiting a volume arbitrage edge.


GZT TPO/CTV SuiteThe TPO/CTV Suite is a hybrid tool used for analyzing Market Profile based on time price opportunity. It also calculates Cumulative Tick Volume to track big money orders for institutional bias.


GZT WavesWaves is automatic wave software that detects bullish and bearish wave counts providing validation levels and price reversal trading zones.


GZT PRINT PROFILER Software Box GraphicPrint Profiler is an all-inclusive orderflow print and volume profile trading solution. Its built in trade signal suite and data capabilities make this the gold standard for orderflow & volume trading.


GZT SDVOLUMEZONES Software Box GraphicSDVolumeZones is a supply & demand zoning indicator that identifies buy and sell setups driven by volume profile breakouts and pattern recognition.


GZT VPCLEVELS Software Box GraphicVPCLevels is a multi-timeframe volume profile confluence indicator used for detecting the strongest levels of support and resistance using volume.


GZT VMDivergences Software Box GraphicVMDivergences is a hybrid momentum indicator which uses velocity cycles and MACD BB’s to display immediate and long term momentum. It also includes automatic divergence detection.


GZT GOLDENFIBS Software Box GraphicGoldenFibs is a multi-timeframe Fibonacci confluence indicator used for measuring the strongest levels of support and resistance.


GZT Fractal Converter Software Box GraphicThe Fractal Converter is an all inclusive indicator used for converting time based trading charts to either volume or range based trading charts.


GZT BARTYPE Suite Software Box GraphicThe Bartype Suite provides 3 different advanced ways to smooth price data for visualisation on your charts. Includes Full Range, RenkoBT, Renko BXT, Pullback BarTypes with Bonus Bar Close Marker.