We Create Day Trading Software and Training That Stops Your Second Guessing

Our model is simple:  To combine the highest quality trading tools and online video training so you can approach the market confidently using supply and demand analysis, order flow precision, directional bias accuracy as well as market internals around divergence and market structure.

Our vision is simple:  To provide solutions that combine a community of like-minded professionals with accurate trading tools and training in the business.

Our Goal is simple:  To remove the element of second-guessing your strategies, software, and trading, while providing the guidance that instills trust in your abilities to trade.

The GZT Mission is:

  • To remove your second guessing by providing state of the art software you can trust.
  • To provide resources that help make you a professional trader in as little time as possible.
  • To provide you with resources unmatched in the industry.
  • To provide indicators that can be traded in both oscillating and trending markets.


Our development team is a group of trading software rockstars.

With over 27 years combined experience, our GZT programmers and development team have built rock star reputations in programming and developing some of the most popular indicators in the trading industry.

We work best with traders who want advanced tools and are looking to improve as traders!

The type of traders who get the most out of our software, and resources, have the following characteristics:

  • You’re passionate about learning, practicing and applying trading strategies.
  • You’re honest with yourself about your skills and expectations.
  • You’ve had sporadic trading success, but want consistency.
  • You will do the hard work to master your craft and tools.
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself to build your business.
  • You’ve figured out your trading style and objectives.
  • You’ve kicked the get-rich-quick mindset to the curb.
  • You want an approach to trading that you can learn and follow easily.


What Makes Golden Zone Trading Different?

At GZT, we believe in using supply/demand, order-flow, volume profile, momentum and market structure patterns to deliver professional insight into successful trading.  As industry leaders, we strive to provide only the best tools and service so you can become a master of the markets.

When using our software you can harness the power to revolutionize how traders find, enter and exit their trades while sticking to their money management and trading plans.   We’re confident our software and resources could be the last stop you need to make towards reaching your goals as a trader!

To Your Success,
Golden Zone Trading